Steve Ewert

I have been a photographer for many years. Over time, I have found that I enjoy shooting portraits more than other kinds of work. I work to make honest portraits that people feel good about and enjoy.

In 1981, I bought a loft building on the near west side of Chicago, turned it into a photo studio and for the next 30 years shot work for Coke, McDonalds, Oscar Meyer, Quaker, Sears and many others. Somewhere along the way, brides and business event planners took an interest in my studio space. Before I knew it, my studio manager and I were hosting weddings and business meetings. As it turns out, photography and events go quite well together.

In 2011, my studio manager, Jamie Davis, became my business partner and we opened Greenhouse Loft, a LEED certified event space and photo studio, this time on the north side of Chicago. In addition to photo assignment work, I started shooting portraits in my portrait studio at events and decided to call this service, “The Ultimate Photo Booth” Some of my most engaging work has been done in there. I sometimes call these images “portraits under the influence” because these images are made during an evening of celebration with my subjects surrounded by people they love.